Orlando Magic 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting last year was an excellent season for the Orlando Magic as they made it to the NBA betting Finals for the first time in over a decade, and the second time since they were founded.

But for the most part, they got pretty fortunate. There were plenty of basketball betting obstacles that, in a way, stepped aside or broke down fairly easily. The same thing may not happen this basketball betting year, so if the Magic made the right choices and changes over the summer, these changes may help to improve the team. Or, it could set them back even further.

Basketball betting on the Magic has its ups and downs. So where are the strengths for this team from the Sunshine State? First off, this NBA betting team is excellent on offense. Most of their players are very powerful and as far as putting points up on the basketball betting board, there should be no issue. The Orlando defense is also very thick, and this is where they don’t get quite as much credit as they should. The Magic should use that fact to their basketball betting advantage. Matt Barnes and Brandon Bass are two new additions to the Orlando basketball betting roster that should provide a nice boost to the defense. 

Not all is peachy keen for the Magic in basketball betting, however. As with everything, you can’t have the good without the bad. Jameer Nelson, an excellent offensive player for the Magic, is still struggling with his injury, or so it seemed during last year’s NBA betting Finals. His injured shoulder looked pretty tight, and if he’s still afflicted by the time the Magic really need to get into the basketball betting season, the whole team could be up the proverbial basketball betting creek, sans paddle. The only real player that can back him up is Anthony Johnson, but Johnson’s already almost 35.

Jason Williams is nothing more than another person on the court. He’s not going to be the team’s greatest basketball betting addition, seeing as how he struggled 2 years ago with the Magic, and missed the entire season last year. He’s 33 and in his entire career he hasn’t played a full season. If Jameer doesn’t come back in full force, the Magic could be in some trouble. Mind you, Nelson hasn’t played a full basketball betting season himself, either, so Orlando has got a lot resting on Jameer in NBA betting.

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