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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA basketball odds give you quite a few different options for your wagering. Let’s take a look at the different possibilities you have for betting NBA odds.

NBA basketball odds options begin with the pointspread. This is where you are laying points with the favored team or you are getting points with the underdog. For example, you might have one team favored at -4 and the other team at +4. Pointspread wagering is the most common and the most popular way to bet NBA basketball odds.

The second option that gets some attention in NBA basketball odds is over/under wagering. This is where you are betting on the total of the game to go over or under the NBA odds. For example, you might have a total of 214 and you would be wagering over or under that amount of points to be scored in the game versus the NBA basketball odds.

Instead of wagering on pointspreads you can also bet on teams to win straight up as you lay money instead of points in NBA basketball odds. For example, you might have a team laying four points on the pointspread as in the previous example but on the money line they might be -200 while the underdog might be +170.

You can also wager on just the first or the second half of NBA games. This is just like betting NBA odds for the full game except that you are betting on just one half. Sides, totals and sometimes money lines are available on halves wagering. The halftime NBA basketball odds get a little bit more attention than the first half odds but both are available on a regular basis.

You can wager on each team’s NBA basketball odds to win the NBA Finals and you may also get Conference NBA basketball odds and NBA odds on total wins for the season. These are called futures and are normally available before the season begins. Sometimes though you will see the NBA basketball odds on teams to win the NBA title stay on the board throughout the season.

Propositions are another way to bet NBA basketball odds. This is where you are betting on things like the MVP award for the season or individual game props like points, rebounds, etc. Props are the most popular during the playoffs and especially in the NBA Finals.

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