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October 16th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting is more than just picking winners. Did you know you can pick a majority of winners at online sportsbooks in NBA betting and still lose money? It happens to people all the time. It is called poor money management and it is what we want to look at.

Basketball betting involves a lot of games during the season. There are many different money management strategies out there for people that get involved in basketball betting. We are going to do the smart thing and keep it simple. The first two areas to consider in your money management at online sportsbooks for basketball betting is how many games to play and how much to play them for. You will get a different opinion from people on how many games you should play. There is no right or wrong answer. Know that first. You have to do what works for you. You may want to keep the amount of games small until you are confident in your ability to pick winners consistently in college or NBA betting. Related to the amount of games you pick is the amount of money you put on each game. This should be a percentage of your overall bankroll. If you don’t have a bankroll set aside specifically for your online basketball betting then allocate one. Don’t go into basketball betting without the proper bankroll. Let’s get back to the percentage. Many people will say that 5% of your bankroll is a good amount per game in basketball betting. That is as high as you should ever go and really it is too high in college and NBA betting. A much safer percentage is 2%.

One related area to the amount of money on your online basketball betting is whether or not the plays should be for the same amount of money or rated differently. Keep things simple and make all of your plays for the same amount and don’t vary it. If you absolutely have to rate your plays in basketball betting then go just single and double. Anything else will just get you into trouble in college and NBA betting.

Keep money management in online basketball betting simple. Play a small amount of games to start, play them all for the same amount and play for a small percentage of your overall bankroll. This will keep you out of trouble and give you a chance to win at basketball betting.

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