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October 19th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA Basketball betting involves a lot of things including what is known as the “must win.” Sometimes the worst wager an online basketball betting gambler can make is the must win bet. There are two basic types of must win wagers in basketball betting. You have the must win bet that you make, or you bet on a team facing a must win situation.

Basketball betting must wins are usually not very successful. When basketball betting gamblers get involved with must win bets they are usually doing so because they have hit a bad streak of losses. NBA basketball betting is a challenge all the time and it gets even more difficult when things start to go bad. NBA basketball betting requires a level of self control and discipline that not many people have. It doesn’t take long for a basketball betting gambler to end up in all kinds of trouble when the inevitable rough spot occurs.

How many times have you seen an online basketball betting gambler risk everything on one must win game? It is his “get out of trouble” game and it will make up for everything in basketball betting. The problem with this game is that it doesn’t win very often. The basketball betting gambler is really betting on himself, and the feeling that this one bet will make up for all his troubles. It rarely works out that way in basketball betting.

The other type of must win bet in basketball betting is the wager on a team that is facing a must win. It could be a team trying to get in the playoffs at the end of the season or it could be a team in the playoffs facing elimination. What you should always remember about both of these situations is that they occur for a reason in online basketball betting. The must win team put themselves into that situation. They played poorly enough at the end of the year to need a must win to get into the playoffs. If it is during the playoffs they have played poorly enough to be facing a must win game. What very often happens with these must win games is that the odds get high on the team facing a must win and that they end up choking when the moment arrives. Be very careful about betting on these must win teams in online basketball betting.

The must win games look so very good to bet. We think they just can’t possibly lose, but then they do. Use extreme caution when betting these games.

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