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October 19th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting many years ago was done with bookies or it was done in Las Vegas. Those two outlets still exist, but many bettors choose to make their college and NBA betting wagers at online sportsbooks. Las Vegas is no longer the hub for basketball betting as most of the major money goes offshore.

Basketball betting at offshore sportsbooks is where the big money is at. Las Vegas still has the reputation in some places of taking big basketball betting wagers but that is a myth. If you check out any sportsbook in Las Vegas you usually need approval for anything more than a $100 bet. Offshore sportsbooks are the place for real money in basketball betting. The main place for basketball betting in Las Vegas used to be the Stardust. That is where the original opening line originated. To show you how much things have changed in Las Vegas, the Stardust no longer exists. That is just about the size of it in terms of basketball betting in Vegas too. The days of basketball betting in Vegas leading the way are long since gone. Offshore sportsbooks set the opening line and they get the majority of the big money in basketball betting.

If you want to get fair basketball betting odds, high limits, great bonuses, the first basketball betting lines, 24/7 access, and a multitude of other advantages you need to choose an offshore sportsbook. All of the professional gamblers now bet offshore in college and NBA betting. Very few professional bettors use Las Vegas for anything other than a minor outlet.

There are other differences between Las Vegas sportsbooks and offshore sportsbooks, but the bottom line is that offshore sportsbooks really are customer friendly and Las Vegas sportsbooks are not. Vegas has the slots and table games. They treat basketball betting as a nuisance. Offshore sportsbooks treat the gamblers as their top priority. Anytime you visit Las Vegas you will notice that main difference. Offshore sportsbooks get the big money now because Las Vegas just doesn’t want it. The college and NBA betting lines are poor in Las Vegas and the limits are not what you would think they are. If you want real NBA betting then take a look at an offshore sportsbook because that is where the real money goes.

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