Odds on NBA Games Show Wizards Miss Arenas at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Odds on NBA games involving the Washington Wizards are definitely higher now that Washington is without leading scorer Gilbert Arenas.

The Wizards’ superstar underwent two different surgical procedures on his left knee and will miss about three months.  His absence will need to be taken into account by those that look at online gambling on NBA action and the odds on NBA games.

Odds on NBA games involving Washington have already moved because Arenas is out.  Washington started off okay without Arenas in the lineup but the team knows he will be missed and bettors looking at online gambling on NBA games have adjusted their odds on NBA handicapping.

Washington online gambling on NBA odds showed last year that the Wizards were a bad bet without Arenas.  That may be the case again as bettors look at odds on NBA Wizards’ games.  Arenas was averaging 22.4 points per game.  “It’s not as bad as the injury in April, but it’s tough," said Arenas.  Washington won games against Portland and Philadelphia without Arenas but most gamblers that look at odds on NBA games know that neither Portland nor Philly is anything special.   The team also won in overtime against Charlotte as fans that look at odds on NBA games remember.

Experts that look at odds on NBA games know that Arenas has had problems all season with his knee and tried to play through it.  He got advice from Nets star Jason Kidd and it could have been that advice helped him make the decision to get surgery.  Washington coach Eddie Jordan said Antonio Daniels will play point guard for now. "Every team goes through it, and every team tries to find a way to win on a consistent basis," Jordan said. "We’ve gotten better at moving the ball."

Arenas finished third in the league in scoring average last year at 28.4 points bet game, but missed the last two weeks of the regular season and all of the playoffs and fans that look at bet on NBA odds noticed.  Fans that consider online gambling on NBA games will need to adjust their handicapping on Washington games.  Odds on NBA games involving Washington may be adjusted by as many as three or four points in some situations.  The Wizards will not be as good in the long run and missing Arenas will affect the odds on NBA games involving Washington.

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