No Curry, No Problem. Warriors take Game 2

November 7th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Without Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors prove to mean business in the NBA Playoffs by beating the Houston Rockets 115-106.

Critics of the Golden State Warriors tend to present several different arguments when it comes to trying to bring down how good this team is, among them is that without Steph Curry, the Warriors are just another team. Well, how’s this for shutting the naysayer’s traps? Klay Thompson 34 points and Andre Iguodala with 18 points off the bench and, if that wasn’t enough, Draymond Green with a double-double of 12 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists. Yeah, just another team.

The Warriors, however, did not cover the point spread of 13 points that were on the lines yesterday, but they managed to still put on a fantastic offensive display of basketball. On the other end of the court, they left plenty of opening for the Rockets to put some numbers on the board and try to keep up with them and not let the game get to out of reach. It must be pointed out that the Rockets did outscore the Warriors on the third quarter 21-20. NBA Playoff bets had a good amount of players seeking the

Winning game two allows the Warriors to rest a little easier and it buys time for Curry to get healthy for game three. However, it has been reported that for the time being he is not 100% cleared and is questionable (ankle) for the NBA Playoffs series’ first game in Houston.

For Houston, things are not looking good. You could argue that, despite the Warriors not having their best player on the court it could have opened up a window of opportunity, but not with that god-awful defense that James Harden displayed.  Winning in the Oracle Arena is tough, but without Curry there is still some fighting chance. But you will not achieve that if you let their offense just run you over. If Houston wants to avoid the sweep, their defense really needs to step their game up.

In Houston, regardless if Curry is in or out of the game, the Rockets must come in strong because another loss would be devastating. The Warriors will likely be the -10 favorites on NBA Playoffs bets (line will change depending on developments and if Curry is confirmed for Thursday’s game).

As for Game 3, we can expect  the Warriors wanting to keep the Rockets chasing them. It was reported that Curry will not be forced to return, and if he plays it will be because he is healthy. That seems like there is a slight possibility that Game 2 bought Golden State a comfortable lead that will allow them the possibility of resting him for a Game four or, maybe even the second round of the NBA Playoffs. If Curry doesn’t play the Warriors will still win this game. It might be closer than they would want, but there is no way the Rockets are going far on the Playoffs without defending.

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