New Orleans Hornets 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting on the New Orleans Hornets will be very different than last NBA betting season.

Last season, the Hornets had a very tough disappointing performance. This basketball betting term, they are coming strong with a fully armed team to re-institute back in the game as contenders of the Western Conference. There was a trade that will be reflected on the basketball betting odds as Emeka Okafor was traded for Tyson Chandler. Darren Collison, their backcourt rookie, and Marcus Thornton will bring on the explosive energy from the bench. These basketball betting factors could have been better last season, but oh well, better late than never in NBA betting. Another key player that basketball betting fans should watch for is Chris Paul that, if he happens to have a good enough season, he might be the boost that the New Orleans Hornets needed since the beginning.

Basketball betting on the New Orleans Hornets has a new addition to make the team proud. As mentioned before, the trade involving Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor was a move that will help the team in many NBA betting aspects. Chandler has had an injury history that Okafor does not have. Okafar is considered a strong front court man. Chis Paul basically made David West an All-Star basketball betting player, and there is no doubt that the same thing will happen to Okafor.

Chris Paul and David West became the dynamic duo for the Hornets in the 2008-2009 basketball betting campaign. During the regular NBA betting season, Chris Paul had the highest scoring position, but during the playoffs it was David West who came out to be the leader in scoring for the Hornets. Basketball betting fans that cheer for this team will want to see this story repeated.  

Head Coach Byron Scott can proud to say that leadership is something that the team does not lack. It’s actually considered the most important strength of the Hornets. Starting with him, the leadership is passed on to Chris Paul and James Posey. This is reflected on the confidence they have to lay their basketball betting on them. They will see how the depth in the guarding positions and on the wings will be intensified and this will definitely bring out the best of the Hornets.

The fans that have followed the Hornets and all their basketball betting action know that an injury would be a catastrophe for them. They have just the players to balance out on the court. Emeka Okafor and David West are well covered as long as they stay healthy.

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