New Jersey Nets 2009-2010 Preview Basketball Betting

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting fans have seen the New Jersey Nets hit rock bottom over the past few years.

The last time the Nets even reached the playoffs was back in 2007, and they didn’t advance very far then. The only team that’s consistently done worse in basketball betting than them those years is the New York Knicks, who fell hard after the Patrick Ewing era.

Basketball betting on the Nets can improve greatly this year due to new ownership of the Garden State franchise. Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, a huge basketball betting fan, purchased 80% of the Nets, and has even made moves to try to relocate the franchise to Brooklyn, New York. It’s very possible that through better funding the team can make larger strides towards improving their NBA betting game.

But if deeper pockets don’t bring the Nets up, there’s little chance of improvement otherwise. The NBA betting rumors about LeBron James are exactly that: rumors. Predictions for this team don’t look very optimistic, as they’re expected to finish the 2009-2010 basketball betting season at 4th place in the Atlantic Division.

New Jersey’s moves in the future could improve their basketball betting performance, but at the very earliest, it would happen by next season. After trading Jason Kidd to Dallas for two first round basketball betting draft picks, and acquiring 7 other players they’ll sign after next season, New Jersey could become pretty good if they make the right basketball betting picks and play the cards right. Other than that, this NBA betting year is looking very dim for the Nets as their defense and scoring are still sub par. They’re still a fairly new team, but then again the Cavs aren’t much older and look at how good they’re doing. New Jersey just lacks some talent. And trading away Kidd, their top scorer, doesn’t help them much. Let’s just hope New Jersey knows what they’re doing for this basketball betting season.

If by some weird twist of fate, or by some sort of divine basketball betting intervention the New Jersey Nets should win the NBA Championship, anyone who bet on them in the futures will be a very happy person indeed. Their basketball betting futures odds have them at +22000. Essentially, there is no way they’re making even the NBA betting playoffs.

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