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October 26th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Betting NBA Teasers is one subject of NBA betting that doesn’t get talked a lot. Basketball betting picks and Basketball Betting Lines Online have a lot to say this year though, especially if you play with SBG Global.

NBA betting picks and Basketball Betting Lines Online have a lot to say this year though, especially if you play with SBG Global. NBA teaser bets are popular with sports betting players including those that make NBA betting picks. The main attraction of an NBA teaser bet is that it allows you to adjust the point spread in your favor. NBA betting on teasers is just like a parlay bet and whatever amount of points you choose will apply to all wagers within your bet. The cost of teasing the NBA betting line is that you will get less of a payoff in return for the extra points.

Options for NBA Betting on Teasers

The NBA betting on teasers is just like parlay betting. If even one wager loses, you lose the entire teaser bet. If any single NBA betting line wager is a push, the teaser bet is still good., It just goes down to the next level. So, for example, a three team NBA teaser bet would become a two team teaser and the payoff would be adjusted to match the two team payoff. Be sure and check with your online sportsbook for the rules regarding NBA betting on teasers and their rules on ties.

Let’s look at an example of an NBA betting teaser. You want to make a 3 team NBA teaser bet for $100. The NBA lines have the Utah Jazz at -6, the Dallas Mavericks at -12 and the Chicago Bulls at +1. You choose the 4 point teaser option. You now have the Jazz at -2, the Mavericks at -8 and the Bulls at +5. A three team parlay would typically pay 6 to 1, but you are betting a teaser so the odds are about 9-5.
You need to keep in mind in NBA betting that teasers should really on supplement your overall NBA picks. NBA teasers are a fun way to link together teams and get added points but they should not be the main source of your NBA betting.

As you examine the basketball betting line look for opportunities where a teaser would do you the most good. You might look at the NBA lines and notice that you have two or three four point favorites. By teasing these teams you now get them at a pick and all they have to do is win.

The place to make your NBA teaser bet is at an online sportsbook. They have the best NBA lines online for your wagering. The NBA teaser odds are definitely better when you look at online NBA lines than anything you find in Vegas or with a bookie. Consider online sportsbooks for all of your NBA teaser bets this basketball betting season.


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