NBA Preseason Betting and Rankings

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA preseason betting includes more than 100 games over a short period of time in October as teams prepare for the regular season.

In NBA preseason betting, do power rankings mean anything with these games in terms of NBA preseason odds?

This means that the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers will get a lot of attention in NBA preseason odds.  That makes sense since they are ranked first and second in power ratings to start the 2008-2009 season.  One adjustment that could cause the Lakers to jump ahead of Boston and be a force in NBA preseason betting and regular season betting is the return of Andrew Bynum. He missed last year’s playoffs and his presence makes the Lakers dangerous in NBA preseason betting odds.

What about other rankings as they apply to NBA preseason betting odds?  Most power rankings have the New Orleans Hornets as third.  With Chris Paul that is hard to argue.  He can impact NBA preseason betting at any moment.  The Spurs are getting older but most NBA power ratings have them as the fourth best team.  The team that has risen the most from last year is the Portland Trail Blazers. They are 5th in many rankings and a team to watch in NBA preseason betting.  With Greg Oden in the fold they will be an exciting team to follow in NBA preseason odds.

Two teams from the East are next in the rankings as Detroit is 6th and Philadelphia 7th.  Elton Brand is a major addition to Philadelphia and makes them a team to follow in NBA preseason betting.  Cleveland is right there as well but if LeBron sits out a lot, they are not a team you want to be wagering on in NBA preseason betting.  Houston is another team that could be interesting in NBA preseason betting.  With Ron Artest on the squad they will be entertaining.  The next four teams are all threats in NBA preseason odds.  Orlando, Dallas, Utah and Phoenix can win at anytime in NBA preseason betting.  These are just a few of the teams to watch during the 2008-2009 NBA preseasons.

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