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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs fans and analysts have been debating about which team will emerge from the Eastern Conference since day one of the regular season

With all the high profile player move that the Boston Celtics undertook in the off season many people accepted the Celtic’s run through the NBA playoffs betting all but a given. But the Detroit Pistons have come on of late and the defending conference champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers are also legitimate NBA playoffs contenders and the East could get dicey.

NBA playoffs have rarely been competitive in the Eastern Conference in recent years, but this season it looks as if that’s about to change. With the top three Eastern teams in the NBA playoffs likely to be the Celts, Pistons and Cavs it will be fight to the death to see with team comes out on top of the NBA playoffs betting. Based on record alone there is no doubt that Celtics are the best team. Boston has the best record in the NBA and will all but certainly have the top record in the league heading into the NBA playoffs. But once the NBA playoffs begin the regular season record gets tossed out the window and the new season begins.

The Celtics will be the NBA playoffs betting favorite in the East as they deserve to be, but no one is going to hand them a ticket to the NBA playoffs Finals. The team in fact will have to likely go through both the Pistons and the Cavs to get the final game of the NBA playoffs against the West.

Detroit is as tough as they’ve been in years and with an infusion of youth seem to be a better squad than they were last season, which ended with a bitter upset by the Cavs in the NBA playoffs. The Pistons and the Celtics match up very well as both have wily veterans -a key in the NBA playoffs- and both have stellar guard play. In fact, the Pistons, based on the individual match ups could pose the greatest threat to the Celts in the NBA playoffs betting.

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