NBA playoffs odds Western Conference will be dogfight at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs odds makers have never seen such a competitive playoff in the Western Conference as this year.

With ten teams locked in battle for eight NBA playoffs betting spots and at least six of them legitimately capable of winning the conference it could be the most competitive NBA playoffs odds season ever. In just a few short weeks the post season battle begin and NBA playoffs odds fans should be treated to one of the greatest NBA playoffs betting presentations ever.

NBA playoffs odds have been less than perfect during the past decade and so this year’s NBA playoff betting as the most anticipated in recent memory. Right now just 1.5 games separate the potential one through six seeds in the NBA playoffs odds seeding. That means that a single victory or loss could change the entire NBA odds complexion of playoff race. For those not familiar with NBA playoffs betting, sufficient to say, that is a phenomenal thing this late in the season. To have no clear cut NBA playoffs odds favorite in April is astounding to most seasoned NBA playoffs betting observers.

At the top of the conference right now the New Orleans Hornets -the biggest NBA playoffs odds surprise of the season- and the San Antonio Spurs are tied for the best record. As defending NBA playoffs odds champs most NBA playoffs betting fans expected the Spurs to be in title contention this year but the rapid advancement of the Hornets caught almost every NBA playoffs odds fan by surprise. Point guard Chris Paul and forward Peja Stojakovic have been playing lights out and winning big games in their quest for a top NBA playoffs odds seed.

But they can hardly chant victory yet as the Lakers, Jazz, Suns and Rockets all are with a game and half of overtaking them for the top NBA playoffs seed. Anyone of these teams could win the top seed in the NBA playoffs odds. The reality of the situation is that there are six teams this season in the West that could win the NBA playoffs betting this year and NBA playoffs odds fans have their work cut out for them trying to figure out which team it will be.

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