NBA playoffs odds Hornets midst history at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs odds makers overlooked the New Orleans Hornets at the beginning of the regular season

However, they’re not likely to overlook the team when the NBA playoffs betting rolls around. With super star point guard and MVP contender Chris Paul playing lights out, the Hornets are not only one of the NBA playoffs favorites, but the team in the midst of putting together perhaps the greatest season in the franchise’s history.

NBA playoffs odds makers like this team’s chances to go deep into the NBA playoffs betting. The one major question mark that hangs over the team is its lack of experience. This team has been featured in the NBA playoffs odds before but has been rather unremarkable. After losing out in the NBA playoffs betting early last year not all that much was expected of this team in the 2008 NBA playoffs odds. But after tearing through it’s regular season opponents and on pace to become the number one seed in the NBA playoffs odds in the West, many people are now expecting big things from this team in the NBA playoffs betting.

The biggest reason for the team’s ascension to the eights of the NBA playoffs odds is the fantastic play of third-year point guard Paul. Arguably the best point guard in the game right now, there likely isn’t a player in the NBA playoffs odds discussion right now that a GM would pick to build a team around ahead of Paul. Avering 22 points and 11 assists a game, he will be one the most exciting players to watch in the NBA playoffs betting this year.

But he won’t have to do all the work in the NBA playoffs by himself as he’s got plenty of help. Big man David West has quietly become one of the top big men in the league averaging 20 points nine rebounds a game. This one two punch of the Hornets is as good as any that will be featured in the NBA playoffs odds and will make the team a very attractive choice in the NBA playoffs betting.

The team is also very balanced with sharp shooter Paja Stojakoic shooting 46% from 3-point range and will keep potential NBA playoffs odds defenses honest with his perimeter game. Toss in Tyson Chandler, Bonzi Wells and Jannero Pargo and this is one of the better teams in NBA playoffs odds contention.

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