NBA Playoffs future odds analysis

February 8, 2015 NBA Basketball

basketball playerInching towards the All-star break, let’s now make some half season NBA Playoffs future odds analysis.

At the beginning of the season we were expecting an intense and highly disputed season on both conferences. However, the current playoff picture is not quite what we all expected. We have to start talking about the amazing, record-breaking, Atlanta Hawks. They are having an amazing season, capped off with 19th straight wins right now. They are marching comfortably directly to the playoffs and they have no signs of slowing down. NBA Playoffs future odds analysis tell us that there is very slim chances of the Hawks dropping from the Number 1 post on the Eastern Conference.

On the Western Conference we have the Golden State Warriors coming of age. The team of youngsters that in previous seasons showed enormous potential are now commanding the tough Western Conference. They are a virtual lock for home court advantage in the Playoffs, and quite frankly, unless catastrophe strikes there is very slim chance for them getting knocked out the top two spots on the West.

As for the rest of the teams, NBA Playoffs future odds analysis makes us expect a lot of moving around the current standings. Maybe much more so on the west than on the East. In the Western Conference there is a gridlock of teams fighting to reach the top 4 seeds and secure that coveted home court advantage. While at the lower half, once contenders, Oklahoma City Thunder is fighting to enter the Play Offs.

On the Eastern Conference, The Cleveland Cavaliers were touted favorites to win it all by experts and pundits. Right now they are in the number 5 position just underneath the Bulls and although they are rallying, they are not quite living up to the hype they had at the beginning of the season.

NBA Playoff Future odds analysis leaves us with the following prediction playoff match ups. In the West we will have: 1- Golden State versus 8- OKC, 2- Clippers versus 7- San Antonio, 3- Memphis versus 6- Dallas, and finally 4-Houston versus 5-Portland. In the Eastern Conference we will have the following Playoffs: 1- Atlanta versus 8-Charlotte, 2-Toronto versus 7- Milwaukee, 3- Washington versus 6- Miami, and finally 4- Cleveland versus 5- Chicago.

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