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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs fans have not had much reason to believe that an Eastern Conference team could win the NBA Finals in recent years

However, this year the East has finally produced a team that seems as if it could seriously challenge the West in the NBA playoffs odds. The Boston Celtics constructed a nearly unbeatable basketball Frankenstein in the off-season which has sent chills down the spine of potential NBA playoffs opponents, but the Pistons and Cavs are also capable of pulling an East-West NBA playoffs upset.

NBA playoffs odds in the 2008 will be highly competitive any way you look at it. With in the Western Conference teams will be in dog fights. And even in the East things could very hairy when the NBA playoffs roll around. During the past decade there has not been a single NBA playoffs odds favorite from the East. In this year’s NBA playoffs that could all change.

Danny Ainge’s Green Machine has been tearing through the regular season and will be one of the highly favored teams in the NBA playoffs odds. With Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and a back up cast that seems to get better every game no one in West wants to face the Celts in the NBA playoffs. Boston has taken it to the teams out west in the regular season and they’ll be hoping for more of the same in the NBA playoffs.

The other top two teams in the East also have high hopes for the NBA playoffs. Both Detroit and Cleveland have looked sharp of late and hope that their solid play will carry into the NBA playoffs. Last year the Cavs were the Eastern conference NBA playoffs champs and due to some recent trading, most NBA playoffs betting analysts believe the team is even better this year. And Detroit, just two years removed from an NBA playoffs Finals appearance is as tough as ever.

Only time will tell if one of these teams can challenge for NBA playoffs supremacy, but this year the top teams in the East seem as tough as they’ve been in years.

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