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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs history is rich in Boston Celtics glory

From the hallowed days of Red Aurbach and Bill Russell to the more recent incarnation of Celtics greatness in the form of Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, Boston has been a superstar of NBA playoffs betting. But it’s been decades since the Celts fielded a potential NBA playoffs champ and this year’s team is hoping to change that.

NBA playoffs have favored the Western Conference in recent years but after a summer full of blockbuster deals Celtics fielded a team that has been the best in the league from day and a sure-fire NBA playoffs contender. Regular season wins don’t mean much once the NBA playoffs betting begins but they are a good indicator of how a team will play when the pressure is one. Obviously the Celtics have done well as most likely they’ll enter the NBA playoffs betting season with the league’s best record, but what’s more impressive than the team’s overall record is its record against the West. The Celts have destroyed their Western Conference rivals and looked primed to face whoever they face in the NBA playoffs Finals, should they make it that far.

And with superstars like Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce just such an NBA playoffs scenario seems very likely. With only two other teams in the East posing any real roadblock (Detroit and Cleveland) Boston fans have all but punched their tickets to the NBA playoffs Finals. NBA playoff betting handicappers also like the Celts chances.

A key to the team’s success will be the play of point guard Rajon Rondo and the supporting cast in the NBA playoffs. Having already clinched a spot in the NBA playoffs this team simply needs to continue what it’s been doing to reach the NBA playoffs Finals. And a big part of what they’ve been doing is created by the up-tempo play and solid passing of Rondo, a highly talented player who is, according to many NBA playoffs betting analysts, the most underrated player on the squad.

If Rondo can continue his stellar play and veteran subs like James Posey and PJ Brown can step up on low post defense, there is no reason why we shouldn’t see this team in the NBA playoffs Finals and at the very least play a competitive series against the talented West.

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