NBA playoffs betting Lakers back to finals at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs betting has never been as exciting as it’s shaping up to be in 2008.

With so many top teams so seemingly equal in talent the NBA playoffs odds will be as challenging this year as they’ve ever been. And one team right at the top in terms of competition is the L.A. Lakers who will be looking to return to the top of the NBA playoffs betting charts after several disappointing years.

NBA playoffs betting pundits are very high on this team. And why shouldn’t they be? With an elite superstar like Kobe Bryant who is all but unguardable for his NBA playoffs opponents and a very good supporting cast, this is not a team that anyone would like to face in the NBA playoffs betting. Bryant has been his same outstanding self this season but has been much less selfish and his teammates will enjoy a top NBA playoffs betting seed as a result. Kobe’s game has shown a tremendous amount of maturity this season and that, combined with a healthy Lamar Odem will make a huge difference in the NBA playoffs odds this year.

But that’s not discount the affect that Andrew Bynum’s improvement and the acquisition of Pau Gasol have had on the team’s NBA playoffs betting. The Lakers have lacked a presence in the paint since Shaq’s departure and that his been to their detriment when it comes to NBA playoffs betting. But those days are over and LA will enter this years NBA playoffs odds with one of the strongest frontlines anywhere in NBA playoffs betting.

The West will be a very difficult NBA playoffs labyrinth to navigate with so many talented teams but the Lakers have to be one of the three favorites in the NBA playoffs odds. Bynum should return by the second round of the NBA playoffs betting and with a super star like Kobe nothing is out of the question. The Lakers may not get the number one seed in the NBA playoffs betting, but they could easily be the best team. It would be no surprise at all if the Lakers were emerge from the NBA playoffs betting as the NBA champions.

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