NBA Playoff Betting Line Moves at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoff betting line moves are great to watch and they can sometimes be profitable to follow

There are many reasons why the NBA playoff odds will move. The NBA playoff odds can move because of injuries, professional action, or betting from the public.

NBA playoff betting is the one time of the NBA season where the public gets more involved. All of the games are on TV which means that the NBA playoff odds get a lot more attention. One reason that NBA playoff betting lines move is because of injury. If a star player is out of the lineup or is questionable you will see the NBA playoff betting line move. Injuries seem to happen more during the regular season than during the playoffs but they are still worth monitoring in the playoffs because any type of major injury will dramatically affect the line.

Another reason the NBA playoff betting line will move is because the sportsbook is getting pounded on one side of the game or the total. That is the main reason the odds move. The sportsbook has to move the NBA playoff betting line because too much money is on one side or the other or on one side of a total. One of the groups that move the NBA playoff betting line is the professional bettors. They are sometimes called syndicates and they are just a group of bettors that looks to make money betting the NBA. If they get involved in betting NBA playoff odds then the game is likely to move. That doesn’t mean the game will win though so keep that in mind. There are not nearly as many syndicates that get involved in NBA playoff betting so determining if they have success is guesswork.

Most times as you consider NBA playoff betting line moves you won’t know why the line moved. The NBA playoff betting lines usually move because someone is betting one side or the other. You won’t be able to tell if this line move is worth anything or not. If it happens on a total though you might at least give it a look since totals are oftentimes easier to beat in NBA playoff betting.

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