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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs betting game with the Texans against Chicago Bulls.

That has actually worked out okay over the past few years as home teams have covered the NBA playoff odds about 54% of the time. That is not a huge number but it does have home teams on the plus side in NBA playoff betting.

NBA playoff betting will show that home teams are favored even more than in the regular season. The home court advantage in NBA playoff betting is a big factor to remember as you look at NBA playoff odds. Many people believe that the home court edge is the same for every team but that is not true. Some gamblers will just automatically add about 3 points to the home team in NBA playoff betting and think that is how they should set the odds. That is not how the NBA playoff odds makers do it.

NBA playoff betting is all about reacting to situations. If a team is coming off a loss they are more likely to bounce back in their next game and that means the NBA playoff betting odds will be made accordingly. Some home teams are extremely tough and rarely lose at home like Utah. They will have a higher NBA playoff betting home court edge than a team like Houston would have. The odds are set based upon how well a team does at home and if their opponent struggles on the road. A team like the Lakers would get more respect on the road than a team like Utah who has traditionally struggled on the road.
Another thing to remember about the NBA playoff betting home court number is injuries. If a team has a key injury then that will affect the home court edge in one way of another. That is just another reason you can’t just blindly assign home court values at 3 points in NBA playoff odds.

Although recent history has shown that home teams have held their own in NBA playoff betting you must remember that the value is usually with the road team because the public loves betting home teams and favorites. That is just something to remember as you get involved in NBA playoff betting this season.

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