NBA Odds: Would You Choose Magic Over Thunder?

December 30, 2011 NBA Basketball

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the reason why so much people are happy.  But the people who love basketball have more reasons than just Christmas.  It signifies the start of a season that was postponed for over a month because of a lockout.  There are five games that are scheduled on Christmas Day and the Dec 25 – Magic vs Thunder game is a highly anticipated game.  All of the scheduled games during that day will surely be watched by the fans and people who love gambling will be betting for the teams that they root for.

The Oklahoma City Thunder which is led by Kevin Durant is one of the favorite teams this year to make a run for the championship.  Though their players are relatively young and they need more experience, they have done so well on their own that they gave the Mavericks a hard time during the playoffs.  The team will surely learn from its mistakes and they are expected to do better this season.  Kendrick Perkins is in a much better shape right now and is much more athletic and dangerous to play against.  With all of the key players in their team returning, there is no reason why OKC won’t reach their goals. Start your Basketball Betting action on Magic vs. Thunder game.

The Magic on the other hand is having a hard time trying to add quality players to support Dwight Howard.  Howard has asked for a trade already and if they do not perform any better or get a good player, he might just leave Orlando to play for a team that has a better chance of reaching the Finals.  Turkoglu is not the player he used to be so someone has to step up for the team. Check the NBA Odds for Magic vs. Thunder game.

The Thunder are much deadlier compared to Orlando who rely on Howard all the time.  The odds are in favor of the Thunder and they are expected to win.  This is because nobody in the Magic’s squad can defend Kevin Durant.

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