NBA Odds: Portland Trailblazers vs. Utah Jazz

February 1, 2012 NBA Basketball

The Portland Trailblazers will take on the Utah Jazz in Utah. Both squads are in the Northwest division plus they are seeking to chase the Thunder in the division. The Utah Jazz and Blazers have had good seasons lately but they are seeking to truly get hot for the remainder of the year. This may very well be a playoff match up in the long run and so they are both getting prepared to take this game seriously. Start your Basketball Betting action on Portland Trailblazers vs.  Utah Jazz game.

The Utah Jazz now have a somewhat better a record at 10-6 though the Trailblazers have more victories but with a lower winning proportion at 11-8. The squads are centered on being able to turn their seasons on and ultimately string together some wins. This can be less difficult for the Trailblazers as they surely have the expertise to do so as the Utah Jazz need more experience. Check the NBA Odds for Portland Trailblazers vs.  Utah Jazz game.

The essential games for the teams would have to be LaMarcus Aldridge facing the Utah Jazz big men like Al Jefferson. Both squads have incredible skill and their records surely show this. Al Jefferson is averaging a sound 18.3 points per game whereas Aldridge is averaging over 22 points a match. This fight between the two teams from the Northwest will really be all about how well the main competitors will do under strain. Nearly all of the gifted players on both teams will need to have major nights for them to be able to pull this win out. Though both teams are pretty even when it comes to depth of roster, the outcome will be dependant on who needs the game more. The Utah Jazz have just come
off of a double overtime loss from the Raptors and the Trailblazers recently lost to the Golden State Warriors. Watch for Aldridge and the Blazers take this game in the third quarter and near it out in the 4th.

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