NBA Odds: Charlotte Bobcats vs. L.A Lakers

February 2, 2012 NBA Basketball

The LA Lakers are one of the better teams at home and every home game makes the Lakers a favorite no matter who they are up alongside. The 1/31 – Charlotte at LA Lakers game will likely be no big dea simply because the Lakers are surely going to dominate the Bobcats. The Lakers will be unbeatable next to the Bobcats simply because of the quality of the competitors that they’ll have. Start your Basketball Betting action on Charlotte Bobcats vs. L.A Lakers game.

The Bobcats do not have a player that they can go to for offensive points which  means it’s likely to be hard for them to score. They’re going to have a tough time going to the basket simply because  of the presence of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. These two major players will be waiting for whoever will drive  down the lane. This will make the Bobcats rely on their three point shots more however they are not noted for that.  They barely have 3 point shooters in their team and the three point shot does not have a high proportion. Check the NBA Odds for Charlotte Bobcats vs. L.A  Lakers game.

Offensively, the Lakers can turn to Kobe Bryant when they need some scoring and Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol will be unbeatable on the inside too. Pau Gasol and his new and much better passing skills will make it hard for Charlotte to defend them simply because Gasol’s passing is incredible. He is like a point guard with his assists and this makes him a better weapon offensively. Charlotte must defend Kobe well and get rebounds if ever they’ve got a shot of winning but if they are unable to do so, they’re going to still have a 7 point edge for those who are going to bet for them. This can develop much greater depending on how the teams perform but planning on it to go lower is nearly extremely hard particularly with the difference in the quality of competitors that both squads have.

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