NBA Gambling: Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics

February 2, 2012 NBA Basketball

It is rematch time as the Celtics confront the Magic on Thursday, January 26. Just this last Monday, the Celtics gave the Orlando Magic a pounding, winning 87-56, in spite of missing five players including Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. If the Celtics can keep competing powerful defense, the Magic may be left in the dust once again, despite the fact that that possibility is extremely unlikely.  Start your Basketball Betting action on Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics game.

The Boston Celtics have five players on the injured list at the moment: SF Mickael Pietrus, PF Chris Wilcox, PG Keyon Dooling, C Jermaine O’Neal, PG Rajon Rondo, and SG Ray Allen. You might field a fairly respectable NBA squad with only those players, and they will all be lacking tonight. And in spite of Boston’s long injury list, they were able to play tremendously formidable defense vs the Magic earlier this week and escape with an improbable win.

It would be a error to expect that level of defense, joined with such incompetence from the Magic on offense. The Celtics matched their record for lowest range of points landed in the era of the shot clock, and they’ve ultimately begun to discover a rhythm despite having so many crucial players on the injured list. Boston is currently 7-9 on the year, experiencing a five-game losing streak followed by winning three of their last 4 contests. Check the NBA Odds for Orlando Magic vs. Boston Celtics game.

The Orlando Magic, though, know they will have to play at the same degree tonight that they exhibited Tuesday evening against the Pacers. The Magic gave the Pacers a 102-83 beatdown in Indianapolis after that disastrous Monday night loss. In writing, the Magic are a far better team than Boston in almost every category. And the sports book agrees. The Magic are showed as the 10 point favorites to defeat the injured Boston Celtics, with the total set at 174. Orlando is 6-2 at home, while the Celtics have a pathetic 2-4 record on the road. Until the Celtics get back a few of their role competitors on the team, they are going to struggle, and it’s quite easy to predict a Magic win tonight.

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