NBA Finals Betting

November 1st, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA finals betting has never been easier than at the present and with the NBA finals Odds just around the corner that’s great news for fans. With all the media attention that the NBA finals receive these days it should come as no surprise that when it comes time to actually bet on the NBA finals there is no shortage of NBA finals odds.

The rapid growth of sports betting online has had a tremendous impact on the NBA finals betting and now NBA finals betting lines are available just about any place you look.NBA finals fans used to have to scour the Internet or hit up all their personal contacts in order to bet the biggest games in professional basketball. But all that is different now thanks to the leaps and bounds that the Internet betting industry has made in the past decade and the growing sophistication of the NBA finals betting universe.

Nowadays, if NBA finals fans want to engage in NBA finals betting its as easy clicking a mouse a few times, scanning the odds to see which they like best and by simply clicking a mouse a few more times when they find the odds they like, and their NBA finals betting is complete.

The Celtics with a 50-32 record were the 2010 Atlantic Division Champs. Then proceeded as # 4 seed, and eliminated the #5 seed, the Heat in the 1st round. Then on to the semifinals where they defeated the Cavaliers in 6 games, and then the Celtics continued by beating the Magic in 6 games on the way to the NBA Finals. The Celtics accomplished this with a better record on the road than their record at home, a first in NBA history. They also became the 2nd team in NBA history to beat the NBA team with the best record, the Cavaliers, on their path to the NBA Finals. The Celtics were underdogs to the #1 seed Cavaliers and #2 seed Magic but in the end showed the strength and resilience by winning over both teams to secure their 21st trip to the 2010 NBA Finals

The Lakers with a 57-25 record ended the 2010 season as Pacific Division Champs. The Lakers as the #1 seed in the Western Conference defeated # 8 seed, the Thunder in 6 games in the 1st round. On to the Semifinals, they became the first NBA team in history to sweep the jazz moving on to Western Conference finals for their third time. This series against the Suns was a bit confusing as they won the 1st two games at home then lost the next two in Phoenix and won the fifth game at home as Artest made an awkward layup shot, after rebounding a shot missed by Bryant at the Buzzer for the win! Then the Lakers went back to Phoenix at beat the Suns at home as Bryant had 37 points and led the Lakers to their victory and third straight NBA Finals and the Lakers 31st appearance in the NBA Finals


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