NBA Finals Odds Money Lines at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals odds options include more than just the side and total of each game.

One option that is available but usually ignored by the betting public in NBA finals betting odds is the money line. The money line is an interesting and potentially profitable option to consider in NBA finals odds.

NBA finals odds money lines do not include a pointspread. You only care about your team winning the game. An NBA finals odds money line wager has you laying more money on the favorite or getting more money back on the underdog. For example, let’s say that Detroit is playing the Lakers in game one and the Lakers are a 6 point favorite. On the money line the Lakers might be -240 and the Pistons +200. This means you would risk $240 to win $100 on the Lakers in NBA finals odds or the 2.4-1 equivalent. If you took the Pistons in NBA finals odds you would risk $100 and win $200 if the Pistons won the game outright or the 2-1 equivalent. There are no pointspreads involved with a money line. You just risk more on the favorite or get more back on the underdog in NBA finals betting odds money lines.

There are advantages to betting the money line in NBA finals odds. If you like the favorite but are worried about laying the points then the money line is a good option. If you like the underdog and believe they can win the game outright then the money line is a great choice in NBA finals betting odds. Most of the action on NBA finals odds money lines comes on the underdog since the public rarely wants to lay money. They want to take the shot at getting a bigger return so they play the dog in NBA finals odds money lines. It is like the Super Bowl in some respects where almost all of the money line action comes in on the underdog.

Depending upon your handicapping of the NBA finals odds the money line can be a great option. You might not want to lay the points and choose the favorite or you might like the underdog and want to take a shot they will win the game outright in NBA finals betting odds. The money line can appeal to both favorite and underdog bettors in NBA finals odds.

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