NBA finals betting odds hump at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA finals betting odds fans are quite familiar with Kobe Bryant

He won three straight NBA finals betting match ups early in the decade before watching his NBA finals betting hopes leave town with Shaq. But now, for the first time in several years Bryant has a legitimate shot at getting back to the NBA finals betting odds and will do everything in his power to get back on top.

NBA finals betting odds makers like the Lakers chances this season as do most NBA finals betting fans. This is a team that came out of nowhere to reach to upper tier of the Western Conference and carve out a legitimate shot at the NBA finals betting odds. But the single factor that sent this team from the ranks of outside NBA finals betting odds contenders to very viable NBA final betting candidate was the acquisition of Pau Gasol.

With a loaded roster of talented supporting cast all the pressure in now on Bryant to deliver Los Angeles a spot in the NBA final odds for the first time in a long while. Bryant has had the opportunity before, but without Shaq he has fallen short of the NBA finals betting every time. This year, he doesn’t have Shay but he has two quality big men in the form of Gasol and Andrew Bynum who will make this year’s road to the NBA finals betting odds much easier than in years past. He also has one of the best all around talents in the NBA healthy for once and Lamar Odom will be there erase any of Kobe’s error’s as the team battles for a spot in the NBA finals betting odds.

But Bryant has much to overcome as in years past he has made especially poor decisions or played poorly when his team needed him most and as such the team has not been featured in the NBA finals betting odds for some time. This year though has been different and the Kobe has matured into a much more complete player with the look of an athlete ready to take him team to the NBA finals betting.

If Kobe can lift his team to the NBA finals betting odds, he’ll erase any doubts about his billing as the top player in the league.

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