NBA Finals Betting Format at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Finals betting has seen a 2-3-2 best of seven format since 1985.

When you bet on the NBA Finals you will see the team with the best record having home court advantage in the first two games and the last two games. NBA Finals betting has a number of great options including betting on a team to win the overall series.

NBA Finals betting choices begin with that series bet. That is where you take a team to win the title before it begins. You may also be able to bet on a team to win the overall series as it progresses. The NBA Finals betting odds will just be updated after each game. The next choices in NBA Finals betting are the normal side and total options. Gamblers that bet on the NBA Finals also can bet parlays and teasers. You may also find proposition wagers on a game to game basis. These can include points scored by a particular player, rebounds, assists, fouls, etc. You will also see odds on which player will win the MVP for the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals betting in recent years has seen the San Antonio Spurs win the title in two of the last three years. They defeated Cleveland in four straight in 2007 NBA Finals betting and Detroit in 2005 NBA Finals betting. The Miami Heat defeated Dallas in 2006 NBA Finals betting.

Gamblers that bet on the NBA Finals see that the Boston Celtics have the home court advantage against the Los Angeles Lakers. The two teams have met the most times in NBA Finals betting history with the Celtics winning eight of the previous 10 meetings. With a 2-3-2 format in NBA Finals betting the Lakers will play three straight home games. History has shown that rarely does a team win all three of the home games. Gamblers that bet on the NBA Finals may remember that only twice since the format changed in 1985 has a team won all three of their home games in that format. History shows that the Eastern Conference leads all-time in the NBA Finals winning 34 times, while the Western Conference won 26 times. The old Central Division has one title.

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