NBA Draft Picks Order for this 2009

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Draft picks for the 2009 NBA Draft begin with the Los Angeles Clippers selecting first.

NBA Draft odds tell us that the Clippers are expected to take Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin with the top pick. Following the Clippers is the Memphis Grizzlies with the second of the NBA Draft picks.

NBA Draft picks continue after the Clippers and Memphis with the Oklahoma City Thunder at #3 followed by the Sacramento Kings at #4. The Washington Wizards have the 5th of the NBA Draft picks while the Minnesota Timberwolves are at #6. The Golden State Warriors are 7th in NBA Draft picks with the New York Knicks picking #8. The Toronto Raptors are at #9 in NBA Draft odds while the Milwaukee Bucks round out the Top 10.

The second ten in NBA Draft odds at the online sportsbook is where some trades could be involved. Most online betting gamblers believe the Top 10 players are pretty well set but there is a lot of debate after the Top 10. The New Jersey Nets begin NBA Draft picks for the second ten with the #11 pick. The Charlotte Hornets are #12 in NBA Draft picks followed by the Indiana Pacers at #13. The Phoenix Suns are #14 in NBA Draft odds followed by the Detroit Pistons at #15. The Chicago Bulls pick #16 while the Philadelphia 76ers are at #17. Minnesota is #18 in a pick they got from the Miami Heat and they are followed in NBA Draft picks by the Atlanta Hawks. The Utah Jazz rounds out the Top 20 in NBA Draft picks.

The New Orleans Hornets begin the final ten NBA Draft picks in the first round. The Dallas Mavericks are #22 while Sacramento picks #23 in a pick they got from the Houston Rockets. The Portland Trail Blazers are at #24 followed by Oklahoma City at #25 in a pick they got from the San Antonio Spurs. The Chicago Bulls are at #26 in a pick they got from the Denver Nuggets through Oklahoma City. Memphis has pick #27 that they got from the Orlando Magic. Minnesota has pick #28 that they got from the Boston Celtics. The Los Angeles Lakers have the 29th pick while the Cleveland Cavaliers have the last pick in the first round.

Boston, Miami, Orlando, Denver, San Antonio and Houston do not have first round NBA Draft picks.

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