NBA Draft Betting and Centers

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Draft betting on centers begins and pretty much ends with Connecticut’s Hasheem Thabeet.

It is expected that Thabeet will go second or third in NBA Draft odds to either Memphis or Oklahoma City. Here is a look at the Top 10 centers in NBA Draft betting for the 2009 NBA Draft which will be televised live on ESPN on Thursday, June 25th.

NBA Draft betting shows that Thabeet is really the only possible superstar among this year’s group of centers. He is 7’3” and a huge defensive presence in the middle. He is also intelligent and many people believe he can develop offensive moves and become a dominant center. Memphis has the second pick in NBA Draft betting and would be foolish not to take Thabeet.

The rest of the Top 10 in centers in NBA Draft betting at the sports book are players that are most likely going to sit on the bench in the NBA. The second rated center behind Thabeet in NBA Draft odds is Ohio State’s B.J. Mullens. He is perhaps the only other center in the draft that could do something in the NBA in the future. He is very young though and will need some time. He is also probably the only other center that is going to go in the first round in NBA Draft betting.

At #3 in NBA Draft betting at the online sportsbook is Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt. Many people will be familiar with Heytvelt but he is not going to get much playing time in the NBA right away. Connecticut’s Ater Majok is the 4th rated center in NBA Draft betting at the sports book and he is followed by International player Slava Kravtsov at #5 and Michigan State’s Goran Suton at #6 in NBA Draft odds. Utah’s Luke Nevill is next at #7 in NBA Draft betting at the online sportsbook followed by International player Gasper Vidmar at #8. Santa Clara’s John Bryant is #9 in NBA Draft betting while International player Oguz Savas rounds out the Top 10 in NBA Draft odds.

Of the ten players listed in NBA Draft betting it is likely that you probably have heard of only a few of them. Thabeet and Mullens are the only two that NBA scouts are looking at with the rest of the group having potential but needing a lot of experience.

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