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November 3rd, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA betting is a long grind for some gamblers as the season stretches out over half the year. It is difficult to withstand the ups and downs of NBA betting if you are not properly prepared and many people are not. Let’s look at some NBA betting tips that can help and some you might find in the PS2 NBA Live 08 forum.

NBA betting gamblers realize that in the nightly grind that is the NBA even the league’s best teams will lose games and go into slumps. That is part of the long NBA season and it is why it is critical to not overreact to any one game. You will hear a lot of basketball betting tips during the season from people but most are not worth much. The NBA has a ton of action and it seems everyone has an opinion. Don’t let all of those opinions sway your own even if you see them in the PS2 NBA Live 08 forum.

One of the most important NBA betting tips is to really pay attention to the schedule and to injuries. It is important to read back on the schedule for a team’s past few games and analyze such factors as fatigue, emotion, streaks and possible looking ahead angles and don’t forget about fatigue. Teams will often let down on the final game of a long road trip, particularly if the final game is the second of back-to-back or the third game in four nights. It is this scheduling factor that is important to remember when looking at NBA betting or perusing the PS2 NBA Live 08 forum.

As you look at NBA betting be sure and consider a weak team that can be a dangerous home dog when a strong team is calling as they will draw a larger and more enthusiastic crowd than normal, and likely bring their best game for that night. If the superior team that is visiting can be caught in the right moment and that could mean coming off a big win or having travel fatigue or even looking ahead, the home dog can be a very profitable play even though the home team is inferior. Remember that a team doesn’t always have to win they just need to cover in NBA betting. That is why ugly dogs can oftentimes win against the number in NBA betting.

Another big NBA betting tip is to do your homework. Study a lot of the basic factors and look for advantages. You might even want to check out the PS2 NBA Live 08 forum.


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