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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting odds present opportunities every single night of the season for parlay bettors.

Making an NBA bet and turning it into a parlay is popular for many bettors that look at NBA betting odds.

NBA betting odds don’t see nearly as many parlays as football betting but they do get some action.  As we talk about parlay betting in terms of NBA betting odds you should know that most professional gamblers will not play them.  The biggest reason that people play parlays is that you can win a lot of money without risking a lot. That always will appeal to the general betting public that loves to make an NBA bet, but doesn’t like to risk a lot of money.  Some people like parlays simply for the fact that they can combine college and pro basketball picks onto a single parlay. This also appeals to the sportsbooks because they know how hard it is to hit parlays on the NBA betting odds board.  The actual return on a parlay is not exactly as high as it should be and that is why sportsbooks like them.

When you look at making an NBA bet you may want to bet an occasional parlay.  You should know that anything over a 4 teamer is tough to hit in terms of NBA betting odds.  Keep those parlays at 3 or four teams and your chances of success will be better, plus a 6-1 or 10-1 payoff is still pretty good news as you place an NBA bet.  Obviously parlays get tougher to hit as you add more teams and statistics show that keeping the parlay at a reasonable level helps your chances of success versus the NBA betting odds.  One strategy that many people will use when making is keying a team.  This means you take one team and put them in multiple parlays.  If that team covers the NBA betting odds your chances of hitting at least one of your parlays is pretty good.  Usually bettors will pick a power team in the NBA betting odds and key them on multiple parlays.  A team like San Antonio, Phoenix or Dallas is a popular key team in NBA betting odds.

Take a look at the NBA betting odds and consider parlays.  They are a great way to increase your excitement as you bet the NBA this season.

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