NBA Betting: New Orleans Hornets vs. Miami Heat

January 30, 2012 NBA Basketball

Miami is the obvious favorite for the New Orleans at Miami game. The fact that it’s going to be played in Miami is one of the 3 top reasons why Miami will probably be the fave. The first reason is LeBron James. LeBron James is among the greatest competitors in the league right now and he’s the type of competitor that is attempting to show something this season. James has highly improved his skills since. last season and Trevor Ariza is likely to have his hands full attempting to prevent LeBron from scoring fewer than 20.  Check the NBA Odds for New Orleans Hornets vs. Miami Heat game.

But LeBron can also pass the ball which makes him a quite productive player. Second reason is Chris Bosh. Chris Bosh’s scoring has soared since the absence of Dwyane Wade. He is considered the second choice offensively and Carl Landry, Okafor and Smith will have a difficult time trying to contain him. He can go low post or shoot mid range jumpers helping to make him tough to guard. Miami also has fantastic defensive players like Haslem and Battier that will make it that much more difficult for New Orleans to score. Start your Basketball Betting action on New Orleans Hornets vs. Miami Heat game.

New Orleans lacks offensive players in their team. Jarrett Jack is a continual producer but nobody else in their starting line up can score as well as he can. Ariza only came back from an injury so he’s yet to get back his touch and also the excellent defense that Miami has, it will be hard for New Orleans to score. The probabilities will grant New Orleans around +8 or more based upon their next performance but it won’t get any lower. New Orleans’ standing additionally tells a whole lot about the team’s chemistry which is the complete opposite of Miami. Miami will definitely win the game but we must wait and see if they’re going to have mercy.

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