NBA Betting Lines & LeBron James at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting lines are definitely affected by the play of LeBron James.

He is leading the NBA in scoring and single-handedly winning games for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season both straight up and against NBA betting lines.

NBA betting lines on the Cavaliers are affected so much by the play of James.  Without his play the Cavaliers would be one of the worst teams in the NBA both straight up and versus NBA bet lines.  With him in the lineup the Cavaliers are a threat to win every night versus NBA bet lines. Fans remember that LeBron led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals last season, surprising many NBA betting lines experts in the process.  He did it pretty much on his own since the rest of the team was weak.  Most experts that look at NBA betting lines did not think he could do it again this season.  So far this season they have been wrong.  James continues to be a huge factor in Cleveland NBA bet lines.  He already has four triple-doubles this season and that makes 14 for his career. NBA betting lines are always affected by the play of LeBron. He leads the NBA in scoring at more than 30 points per game.  He has led the Cavaliers to a winning record and continues to keep them in the playoff race and in the nightly hunt versus NBA bet lines.

Many NBA betting lines oddsmakers believe that LeBron is the most valuable player to his team.  If he is not the most important player in the NBA then the only other choice would be Kobe Bryant of the Lakers.  Both of these players affect the NBA betting lines on a nightly basis.  They are both at the top of the league in scoring and without them, both teams would be terrible both straight up and against NBA betting lines.  With them, both teams are a threat each night versus the NBA betting lines.  LeBron or Kobe?  It is an interesting question, but so far this season the answer has been LeBron.  He is affecting NBA betting lines more than any other player. The Cavaliers should be interesting to watch versus NBA betting lines this season as long as LeBron remains healthy.

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