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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting can oftentimes be determined by a half point

Does it make that much of a difference if you lay 6.5 points instead of 6 points with your NBA betting wager? You can win anywhere from 2-5% more games every season by getting the extra half point whether you are a professional player or just an average gambler looking for the NBA LIVE key.

NBA betting involves playing a number of games. Let’s say in the NBA the Basketball betting lines are -7, -3, +4, +6.5, -10, and +7.5. On average at least one of these games will land right around the NBA betting number. Let’s say you go 3-2-1 with the NBA lines listed. What happens though if you could have turned one of those losses into a win or a push? Let’s say you got -6.5 instead of -7 in the first NBA betting game. Now your record is 4-2.

There are going to be times when the half point doesn’t matter with your NBA betting wagers, but there will be weeks when it does. Over the course of the long NBA season getting those extra half points will add up for each NBA betting wager. Let’s say you averaged 15 plays per week for four months. We’ll say that is about 255 games. Let’s also say you won 53% of the games just barely breaking even, something like 135-120, or close to that figure. Now let’s add in say 3% for the extra half points you gained on your basketball bets. That is about 8 games. So now instead of 53% you have increased your winning percentage to over 56%. Professional bettors live for that particular percentage of wins in NBA betting. Most every expert says that 56% is their goal for a season and any average gambler looking for an NBA LIVE key would love that number too. Let’s look at the math for this example at $100 per game. If you won 135 games at $100 per game you would have collected $13,500 while losing 120 games for $13,200. If you get 8 more wins you are up to 143, which is $14,300, and your losses are now 112 and only $12,320. Now you make nearly $2,000. And that was with only 8 games of getting the extra half point in NBA betting. Anyone that looks for the NBA LIVE key would love that.

Now do you see why getting that extra half point is critical in NBA betting? Shop around for the best line on your basketball wagers or as you look for the NBA LIVE key and it will make you money as the season progresses.

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