NBA Betting: Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers

December 29, 2011 NBA Basketball

Christmas day is a day to celebrate for most people.  It is the most anticipated day for some and basketball lovers have been looking forward to Christmas day too.  This is because it is the day when the NBA officially starts and there are great games that are going to be played on that day.  One of these games include the Dec 25 – Bulls vs Lakers game.  The game is a match between two of the best teams in the NBA and two of its best players.

The Chicago Bulls is a team that a lot of people are cheering on now because they have the league’s MVP on their team, Derrick Rose.  Rose is not like your other players where he tries to get the best players to support him so that he can win the championship.  He loves the competition and is willing to compete against anyone.  The Chicago team did not make a lot of adjustments with their roster except for the shooting guard position.  They needed another scorer to take the load off of Derrick Rose and they have found a player who can really score in Rip Hamilton.  Start your NBA Betting action on Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers game.

The Lakers on the other hand are not the same Lakers that you used to love.  Lamar Odom was traded to Dallas for money which was not a smart move according to Kobe Bryant.  Pau Gasol has not been performing as well as he is supposed to and Kobe is getting too old to carry the entire team by himself.  The departure of Phil Jackson also means that their offense may not be as smooth as it was and it might take them some time to get used to their new offense. Check the NBA Odds for Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers game.

Kobe Bryant is not in the best condition right now and he might not play the opener because of a torn wrist ligament.  If you plan on betting, the odds are stacked against the Lakers especially because they were swept by the Mavs last year.  It will be hard for them to bounce back without Kobe so you should make sure you bet for the Bulls to win.

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