The Eastern Conference Going to Distance

November 4th, 2019 NBA Basketball

While the West is hurting right now, betting on NBA basketball on the Eastern Conference playoffs is perhaps the most exciting fun right now. At this time three of the four series are tied with two games apiece, with a possibility of all three games going to a full game 7.

Either way we are guaranteed to get at he very least two more games out of these three series (and that’s not even counting the Clippers and Blazers series in the West). What can we expect from these series?

Just as the NBA Playoffs were about to begin SBG Global Sportsbook posted our odds to win the Eastern Conference and back then the Heat and Hawks as slight favorites to edge out their respective series, but mainly due to their home court advantage. But if you look at it closely and examine how all these four teams finished their regular season, betting on basketball insiders are quick to point out that all four teams: Heat, Hornets, Celtics and Hawks all finished the regular season with a 48-34 record. So, this playoff picture in the East should not bet a surprise to anyone.

Pacers vs Raptors

This series is unexpectedly close for everybody. At the beginning of the series, experts on betting on basketball agreed that the Pacers were underrated, and the Raptors might had been dealt a very tough competitor. After stealing game one and then tying the series at game 4, the Pacers have shown that they are not ready to throw in the towel. The Raptors are still the favorites, but the Pacers are an attractive bet.

Celtics vs Hawks

The Celtics are in this series thanks to their resilience and also a bit of luck. Isaiah Thomas took over for the Celtics when the series went to Boston and stuck the dagger on the Hawks at OT with a great 3 point shot with the seconds winding down in game 4. The Celtics with morale high could edge off the Hawks in game 5 and seal the deal at game 6 at home.

Hornets vs Heat

Kemba Walker is a player with a lot of heart and Jeremy Lin, is displaying some signs of great basketball. The Heat have struggled for the past two games. Dwayne Wade has had a couple of off-games in game 3 and 4. Furthermore, the Heat has also appealed to bad officiating at game 5 as a factor, citing that they have gotten some bad calls. The Hornets have shown that they are not intimidated by the competition and that despite not having the most start studded roster, they are a never say die team. That mentality has proven to be fruitful for them so far. SBG Global sportsbook has the Heat as the -5½ (-110) favorites for Game 5, in Miami they are a strong squad, in Charlotte for game 6, the Heat will pull it off. Cue in crying Jordan meme.

As the Cleveland Cavaliers wait in the second round, betting on basketball fans will await to see who will join them in the next round. Judging from the first round, we are in for some fireworks.

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