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November 27th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

That question regards the amounts of your NBA Basketball Betting. Some people stick to the basics and bet all of their games for the same amount in basketball betting while others constantly change their amounts. Which way is better as you are betting on basketball. Basketball betting begins with analyzing your bankroll and a percentage for your wagers. To make things simple we’ll say that you have a $1,000 bankroll and want to bet 5% on each game. That would be $50 per game if you played every game for the same amount. Another basketball betting gambler with that same $1,000 bankroll might vary his amounts on the games. He might have two games he likes strong and bet $100 on each of those and bet $50 on two other games he also likes, but not quite as strongly. Which of these bettors will win more money when betting on basketball?

Let’s say the gambler has a good day and goes 3-1 when betting on basketball. The flat bettor wins $150 on his winning bets and loses $55 on the loser. That means he picks up $95 for the day in basketball betting. The other bettor could have different results. He could have split his top two plays and won his other two. That would mean a profit of $90 in basketball betting. He could have won his top two plays and split his other two which would mean a profit of $195.

Let’s say though that the gambler suffered a tough 1-3 day in basketball betting. Then things look different. The first player lost $115 for the day but the player that varied his amounts lost at least $120 and really did poorly if his top two plays lost because he would have lost $225 in NBA Basketball Betting .

It is difficult enough for a basketball betting gambler to win without having to deal with varying the amounts of bets. If you can pick winners when betting on basketball then you are better off leaving all of your bets for the same flat amount. Varying the amounts of your wagers only leads to confusion, second guessing, and frustration in NBA Basketball Betting. There will be players that don’t take the flat betting advice and change their betting amounts but they do so at their own peril. Very often in basketball betting and in all forms of gambling it is just better to keep things simple. Flat betting amounts are a good way to do that.

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