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November 22nd, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting is a long grind, full of ups and downs. The online basketball betting season for the NBA starts in early November and doesn’t end until the NBA Finals in June. That is nearly 8 months of basketball betting action. That is a long time, especially if you are not prepared.

Basketball betting during the season will involve a lot of changes. People that pick the games will have to endure personnel changes, coaching changes, and injuries. The 82-game schedule, plus the playoffs, will test the mettle of a basketball betting gambler. It is not easy to control your bankroll and your bets over a long period of time without a lot of discipline and a well thought out plan of attack.

In the NBA even the best teams will suffer through slumps and even the worst teams will go on modest winning streaks. This also applies to your online basketball betting. There are going to be ups and downs throughout the season. It is very often how you react to these peaks and valleys that will determine your ultimate success in basketball betting.

Sometimes when it comes to basketball betting it is difficult to bet sides on a regular basis. Many of the professional gamblers will take a look at betting totals instead. Many of the pro gamblers actually have stronger numbers on totals than the basketball betting oddsmakers. You will notice that the limits on NBA totals are lower than on many other things. Sportsbooks realize that their numbers are weak and limit the damage by reducing the limits on NBA totals in basketball betting. The picks on NBA totals by the pros usually result in a lot of basketball betting line movement. It is not uncommon to see an NBA total move four or five points in online basketball betting. You never see that on a side.

The NBA season is a long grind and focusing on totals instead of sides is one way that basketball betting gambler can gain an edge. Unless your basketball betting numbers are stronger on a regular basis than the sportsbook numbers, it is tough to win. NBA totals is one area that many of the wise guys claim as an edge against the sportsbook in online basketball betting. If you are going to bet the long NBA season you need an edge, and NBA totals just might be it.

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