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November 23rd, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting power ratings and trends are important to consider. Power ratings and trends in NBA basketball betting may be used as part of an overall strategy, but they are not enough alone to guarantee success.  You need to do more if you want to win when betting NBA games.

Basketball betting starts with the odds. One of the problems with power ratings in NBA basketball betting is that they are man-made number.  Anything that is based on subjective opinion is a problem for the NBA basketball betting gambler. We also have to remember that there are no sports betting secrets in regards to power ratings. The numbers are available all over the Internet for everyone to see. The numbers of power ratings may vary but the NBA basketball betting line isn’t going to change that much because oddsmakers know all the figures that you know, and more.

Trends in NBA betting have their own set of problems. Most trends are based on past results and can change. There are some strong trends that are difficult to ignore and those should be included as part of the handicapping but there are other factors to consider when betting NBA games. How many times can you remember an NBA betting wager that had every trend in the world going in its favor only to lose? It seems to happen all the time. Many trends are so obscure that they are really meaningless in basketball betting. When you do your NBA handicapping you are really better off focusing on what has happened recently than what happened years ago.

The multitude of NBA basketball betting handicapping factors that a player must take into account when analyzing the NBA basketball betting line are sometimes overwhelming. Putting every power rating and trend in the world into the equation definitely does not help when betting NBA games.  Gamblers must prioritize their data in an order that makes sense without getting overloaded with information. The more current the information; the better off you will be when betting NBA games. NBA power ratings and trends are useful information and have their place but just like everything else they very rarely work well on their own.

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