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November 27th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA Basketball betting money lines are an interesting option for gamblers that are betting on basketball. The great attraction of the money line betting lines is that lack of a pointspread. The catch, however, is that if you are betting favorites you had better not be wrong very often as it takes a long time to make up for a loss on a big chalk in basketball betting.

Basketball betting money lines can be attractive on favorites and on underdogs. The advantage to betting a favorite on the money line in basketball betting is that you don’t have to worry about the pointspread. The advantage to taking the underdog on the money line in NBA basketball betting is that you can get nice prices if your team wins outright. It is noticeable that the sportsbooks will often make home chalks proportionately more expensive in NBA basketball betting but to the savvy gambler that is betting on basketball this is often nothing more than a sign that the sportsbooks are trying to scare off action.

NBA basketball betting is a phenomenal example of the value of the money line betting lines on favorites. The Los Angeles Lakers in the Phil, Kobe, Shaq era were one of the most dominant home teams in all of sports and yet operated consistently in the red has home chalks with the pointspread betting lines. With the money line basketball betting lines, however, a sharp gambler could have far better potential to crank out profits, as well as be able to take advantage of the Lakers dominance and ability. You must be careful though because a few losses at -400 or -500 takes a long time to make up for when betting on basketball.

Again the key to success with the money line betting lines is to not get caught losing big money on a favorite. One loss can be the equivalent of several pointspread losses in basketball betting and gamblers really have a challenge in making sure that they are correct. But in the long run, many gamblers have developed far more of a comfort zone with the money lines than is the case with pointspread basketball betting lines. Beyond that, gamblers will bet more aggressively with the money line basketball betting lines, cranking out more profits, because they are less defensive than with the pointspreads, where they operate in constant fear of the backdoor cover when they are betting on basketball.

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