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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

Basketball betting line odds are far more than prices for teams and totals in matchups.

The basketball betting line has a language and a set of values for you to assess. The gambler/handicapper that best reads and understands the values of the NBA basketball betting odds will ultimately be the most successful.

Basketball betting line odds is more than what you see on the board. This means that if the public is betting on the Los Angeles Lakers, for example, and that is exactly what they are going to do, that you must seriously consider taking the other team because of the added value. In reality, the public is no different than a shopper that is bound and determined to purchase a product, regardless of its price. And just as that is a poor example of shopping and a great recipe to overpay, so too is the gambler that is just going to lay out whatever price he is given on a basketball betting line, as this is an indicator that he is not shopping for NBA basketball betting odds value.

By understanding what goes into the basketball betting line, you can also understand where to begin looking for value on the NBA basketball betting odds board. For example, a bad value on the NBA basketball betting odds board can be a team like the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, the better the Lakers do on the court, the worse that they sometimes do versus the basketball betting line. This is due to their huge and massive appeal with public in terms of the basketball betting line.

Star players have the same affect on the basketball betting line, as the more popular the player the more public money is going to be wagered on that team. Team reputation is another factor that goes into the final equation of the basketball betting line that you see. The better or worse that team’s rep, the more opposite their board value will likely be in terms of the basketball betting line.

Winning money versus the basketball betting line is sometimes doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing.

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