The NBA Basketball Betting Line War at SBG Global

November 27th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting in the NBA is really a war between the gamblers and the oddsmaker. The battle between NBA basketball gamblers and the oddsmaker is ongoing and sometimes the players have the edge, while other times the oddsmaker has the edge. What rarely changes though is the 10% vigorish edge that is charged for every single wager made when betting NBA action.

Basketball betting involves the ability to handicap the games properly and get enough of an edge to overcome the vig. As an NBA basketball betting gambler you have to be able to study the NBA betting line and understand the rationale behind the line. It is this understanding that separates the winners from the losers in the NBA betting line battle.

The NBA basketball betting gambler and the oddsmaker really need to take into account every detail that can influence a game. If the sportsbook that takes the wagers faces lopsided action on a game they will probably be quick to move the NBA basketball betting line. This can mean that the original line made by the oddsmaker was a poor one or it could be that someone “thinks” it was a poor one. There is a big difference when it comes to betting NBA games. When it comes to NBA betting sides it is unlikely the oddsmaker has made a big error.

When we are talking about NBA totals though, there is a definite chance the oddsmaker made a major blunder. For some reason the oddsmaker, or the odds service that sportsbooks get their numbers from have never put out numbers for NBA totals that are any good. And this has been going on for decades. Sportsbooks get some of their odds from a service in Las Vegas that used to have a good reputation for providing solid numbers. That reputation is not what it once was, but with NBA totals it has never been any good. The sharp players have always had the edge when it comes to betting NBA totals.

One of the challenges for the NBA basketball betting gambler is to find the weak spots in the line. That is not always easy but it can be done when betting NBA games. The area to attack is NBA totals. We know that the numbers are weak and that advantages can be found. The battle between the players and the sportsbooks is always ongoing and NBA betting is no exception.

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