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November 28th, 2023 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting bankrolls are the money that is used to wager on NBA games. How you manage your bankroll and your money management skills will go a long way toward determining how successful you will be at your basketball betting this season. The basketball betting pro understands this while the average gambler does not.

Basketball betting is all about minimizing your losses and maximizing your wins. That sounds pretty obvious but you must understand bankroll management to pull it off in basketball betting. There must be enough of a cushion in your basketball betting bankroll to withstand losing streaks and slumps. You must be able to survive the bad times. That is a big key to winning at basketball betting.

Many basketball betting gamblers start with bankrolls of $1,000 or less. That is okay but the problem becomes when they are playing games in which amounts required should be less. For example, a basketball betting gambler that is wagering $100 a game should have a bankroll of at least $2,000 and preferably more. $100 is 5% of a $2,000 bankroll and that really is too high. The bankroll really should be double that at $4,000. Most basketball betting gamblers go into their endeavor with a bankroll that is short. They don’t have enough to cover their plays if things start to go bad.

You must remember when thinking about basketball betting bankrolls that the long-term is important. If you go into basketball betting with a short bankroll you can easily get wiped out with a losing streak. The basketball betting pro understands that fact. The basketball betting pro will adjust his levels if his bankroll is smaller. There is nothing wrong with smaller amounts. Winning money is the goal, not massaging your ego so keep that in mind this season.

When you are putting together your bankroll always remember to play at levels that your bankroll can afford. In sports betting and horse racing betting that means plays at 5% or less, preferably 2%, of your bankroll. That is what the NBA basketball betting pro does and what you should do.

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