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November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Playoffs betting line moves may not occur as much as regular season line moves but they do happen.

Many of the NBA Playoffs odds will move on the totals much more than the sides. Let’s look at some of the reasons that NBA Playoffs betting lines move.

NBA Playoffs betting has a lot more public action than during the regular season and this usually means fewer line moves. The reason for this is that the public starts to balance out some of the wise guy action. The NBA Playoffs odds maker sets the line in anticipation of what the public will bet and the line moves are not as prevalent as they are in the regular season. That doesn’t mean they don’t move though because they do. Let’s see why.

NBA Playoffs betting line moves occur because of action, information, bounce back theories and sometimes because of poor opening numbers. The sportsbook wants balanced action so they will move the NBA Playoffs betting odds if they get one-sided on a game or a total. Sometimes in the regular season the line moves are quicker and faster but even during the NBA Playoffs the odds do move.

In the regular season you will see the odds move sometimes based on injury information. This can still happen with NBA Playoffs betting but it is not as common. Most the injuries are well known and rarely do surprises happen in NBA Playoffs betting. A more common reason for the line to move in NBA Playoffs betting is the bounce back. Teams coming off a loss can be popular in NBA Playoffs odds and the line can move. The odds don’t move as much as they did years ago but people still like to bet teams off a loss.

The NBA Playoffs odds can also move because a poor opening number was set. This usually happens more with totals in NBA Playoffs betting than with sides. The oddsmakers have never been any good setting totals in the NBA and that problem still exists today in NBA Playoffs betting.

Line moves are fun to watch and to follow in NBA Playoffs betting but they don’t win any more than any other type of line move. Just because a line move happens doesn’t mean it will win. Note the line moves in the NBA Playoffs and give them a look but don’t let them dictate your overall handicapping.

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