Los Angeles Clippers 2009-2010 Preview NBA Betting

November 30th, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA betting odds for the Los Angeles Clippers last season where a mess. The team statistics are worse that ever in NBA betting.

Basketball betting fans saw this looser team behave like a school team and only come in with 19 miserable NBA betting wins. Baron Davis and his reputation took a big fall and Clippers fans where turning off their TV sets more and more. It seems though, that this basketball betting season, luck is on the Clippers side. To their luck, this NBA Draft they where able to have the first pick and decided to bring forward Blake Griffin aboard. Coach Mike Dunleave also did his homework and tried to put a capable NBA betting team around Griffin to be able to make it far in to the season. The word is that Baron Davis is healthy and is willing to fix the reputation he tainted so bad with a horrible NBA betting season.

NBA betting saw the Clippers in terrible shape last season, but hopefully this story changes if Baron Davis puts up a nice show for the fans. This NBA betting season, Blake Griffin will be dominant and tough nevertheless this will not be enough unless Baron Davis gets his act together and plays good to earn his paycheck. NBA betting fans know that Baron’s weapons and the unity in the team could make wonders for them this season. Hopefully the Los Angeles Clippers will deliver what their fans are expecting.

The top player this team will have for this basketball betting season is definitely Baron Davis. Even last season where he didn’t have a good performance record he still is considered the hero of the day. If the Los Angeles Clippers manage to get a roster that is healthy and balanced well enough, then Baron’s numbers will improve because he will have his teammates backup to make things right and impress the NBA betting fans.

There are plenty of players in the Los Angeles Clippers that can come out and do their thing on the basketball court this NBA betting season. Name like Griffin, Kaman, Camby, Jordan, Smith, Baron, Gordon, Thornton, Butler, Gordon and Novak will be heard and felt big time. NBA betting fans will see a blend of veterans and young talent on the Clippers floor.

A major situation that has had the Clippers at half strength is the fact that they haven’t been a healthy team since 2006. The chemistry in the team was lost and non existent last year. Hopefully this year will bring new wins and success to the Clippers. This is what all NBA betting fans for the team are shooting for.

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