Lakers a 2-1 Favorite in NBA Finals Betting at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA Finals betting for the 2009 NBA Finals favors the Los Angeles Lakers against the Orlando Magic.

The Lakers are more than a 2-1 favorite to win the NBA Finals betting series against the Magic. They are also a six point favorite in NBA Finals odds in Game 1.

NBA Finals betting in the finals is a bit different than other NBA Finals betting series. The NBA Finals betting format in the final is 2-3-2 which means the first two games will be in Los Angeles, the next three in Orlando and the final two in Los Angeles. The Lakers in this NBA Finals betting series have the home court advantage.

While the Lakers are the favorite in NBA Finals betting against Orlando, the Magic do have some online betting numbers in their favor. They went a combined 6-3 against the best three teams in the NBA this season. (Cleveland, Lakers, Boston.) They were a perfect 2-0 against the Lakers as online sports betting stats show. A couple of things should be noted about those two wins though. The Magic had Jameer Nelson for both of those wins and he was the leading scorer for Orlando in both games as online sports betting stats show. He is injured and is not expected to play in this NBA Finals betting series.

The Lakers have another immediate advantage in NBA Finals odds in this series. They have experience playing in the Finals having just played against Boston last year. The Magic do not. That could be an immediate factor in Game 1 in NBA Finals odds. In the last 11 times in NBA Finals betting in the Finals that a team with no Finals experience played a team that had been there before, the experienced team won Game one 9 of the 11 times. That number does not bode well for the Magic in NBA Finals odds. And if that NBA Finals betting trend holds true then the Magic are really in trouble because teams coached by Phil Jackson are 43-0 in the Finals when his team wins Game 1.

Another big advantage the Lakers have in this NBA Finals betting series is Kobe Bryant. While some online betting gamblers believe that LeBron James is the best player in the league, LeBron is out of the Finals while Kobe is playing for another NBA title.

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