Jason Terry Guarantees Win in Game 6 versus Warriors

November 4th, 2019 NBA Basketball

Houston Rockets guard Jason The Jet Terry has guaranteed his team will win Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors, putting the series 4-2 – apparently oblivious that the series is to the best-of-seven games. The sports betting favorites Warriors crushed the ever-loving tar out of the Rockets 114-81 to send them packing on Wednesday night. Coach Steve Kerr’s strategy of having league MVP Stephen Curry feign a knee injury in order to give Houston a semblance of a fighting chance clearly did not work and Golden State will most likely face the Portland Trailblazers in the second round.

Terry, who scored zero points on 0-for-7 shooting, including five missed 3-pointers, in 22 minutes of game 5, calls himself unironically the super-motivator – though whether he eats a steady diet of government cheese, is thrice divorced, and lives in a van down by the river is not known. He will do whatever he has to do. Tattoos, you name it. He has even gone as far as challenging the Warriors to a best-of-nine, best-of-eleven, heck, even best-of-13 series. After all, he ain’t superstitious. He draws the line at a best-of-infinity series, though. Bottom line is, Terry will give Curry enough time to recover from his “injury.”

If the Los Angeles Clippers had a similar plan for the Blazers with Chris Paul, it’s safe to say that it has backfired horribly. Paul’s hand injury – which required surgery and will keep the point guard out of action indefinitely (though team sources indicate a 4-6 week recovery period) – and Blake Griffin post-season-ending quadriceps injury have opened a window of opportunity for Portland to become -550 online betting favorites to win game 6 of their series. Meanwhile, the Clippers find themselves in a sort of Catch 22; they would have advance to the conference or NBA Finals for the first time ever for him to return this post-season, but there is almost no way for them to pull that off without him. When it rains it pours.

Therefore, the highly expected NBA playoff showdown between Stephen Curry’s Warriors and Chris Paul’s Clippers will not come to fruition – barring any unforeseen event. By the way, Curry will be out for two weeks, which would not necessarily give the Blazers better sports betting odds. Kerr – who on a completely random note bears a striking resemblance to Canadian crooner Bryan Adams – was recently voted coach of the year, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. So nice, in fact, that he has given some though to the idea of playing with a 4-man starting lineup, just to keep things as fair as possible. Jason Terry would certainly take him up on it.

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