Is the East or the West Best? Bet on NBA Playoffs at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 NBA Basketball

NBA playoffs odds will be rolled off the assembly line any day now and the fans and pundits are salivating at the chance to engage in some NBA playoffs betting.

But every year when the time rolls around for NBA playoffs odds there is one debate that continues to rage: is the Eastern or the Western Conference the best? While this question won’t be answered until the final game of the NBA playoffs betting has finished there is certainly many points of this argument that can be discussed before the NBA playoffs odds come to an end.

NBA playoffs odds makers definitely take note of the relative powers between the two conferences as it can be essential when setting the lines for the final series of the NBA playoffs betting. In the past, it seemed that either one conference or the other seemed to dominate the other which often resulted in the final series of the playoffs being anti-climactic. Think back to the days when Michael Jordan was ruling the NBA playoffs odds and the way the Eastern Conference seemed to win nearly every single NBA playoffs betting title in the 1990’s.

And then think back to the early part of this decade when the West seemed to annihilate any team that the East through at them in the NBA playoffs odds finals. But in the past few years there has been a fantastic development in the playoffs. With some key free agents moving from the West to the East and clever drafting the East seems to have drawn even with the West in terms of NBA playoffs odds. In fact, there are even those that think the East has surpassed the West and very recent NBA playoffs odds seem to support that assertion.

In recent NBA playoffs results fans will see that the East has been the better team, with the Pistons, Heat and Celtics all running the board in the NBA playoffs odds and getting a ring in the process. This season it’s awfully difficult to try and speculate as to which the power conference in the NBA playoffs odds is. Both conferences have several powerful teams. The Cavs have the best overall record heading into the NBA playoffs odds and have captured home court throughout, but the Lakers have dominated in head to head competition. And even though the Celtics lost a step late in the season due to injuries, they’re still the defending NBA playoffs champs and veteran team full of experience. But another look out West reveals how many good teams there are knotted at the top of the conference, which have much better over all records than their Eastern counterparts.

Anyway you look at it, both conferences look strong heading into the 2009 NBA playoffs odds season. Open a New Account and take a look at all of the choices for the 2009 NBA Playoffs available at SBG Global.