Interesting and Favored by NBA Games Betting Odds?

September 22nd, 2017 NBA Basketball

CBS Sports Writer James Herbert’s list of the most interesting teams can be, as most things in life, divided into those favored by the NBA games betting odds, and those that are not. There are, of course, no Cleveland Cavs or Golden State Warriors, because, in the former case, it goes without saying, and, in the latter, interesting is not a word one would think of to describe the cookie-cutter Warriors.

Boston Celtics (+800 odds to win 2017-18 NBA Championship)

The Celtics are returning just four players from last season, which is odd for a team that won the Eastern Conference title, but not so odd considering they did it with the lowest winning percentage of a No. 1 seed since the Detroit Pistons in 2007. Boston signed former Utah Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward to a reported four-year, $128 million deal but, without taking anything away from Hayward, all eyes will be, like 2Pac, on Cleveland defector Kyrie Irving. A cynic would say that the only way that the Celtics can hang with the Cavs is by acquiring one of their players, which, in true Danny Ainge fashion, they did by way of a trade involving possibly damaged goods.

Philadelphia 76ers (+7500 odds to win 2017-18 NBA Championship)

“The Philadelphia 76ers are the Durant-Westbrook-Harden-Ibaka Thunder for a new generation,” writes Herbert, and that would be, as comparisons go, perfectly accurate, if all those players had been made of glass. Though far from having the best NBA games betting odds, no other team is, says Herbert, more “fascinating” than the Sixers. “Picture Ben Simmons running pick-and-rolls with Embiid and using the eyes in the back of his head to find J.J. Redick open behind the 3-point line,” or “Dario Saric grabbing a rebound, pushing the ball and creating a wide-open dunk for Markelle Fultz.” Well, we may just have to close our eyes and imagine it, unless the hospital that is Philadelphia closes its doors.

Houston Rockets (+1300 NBA betting online odds to win 2017-18 NBA Championship)

Chris Paul, James Harden’s beard, and James Harden’s beard could be one of the most fearsome trios since Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman (the beard would be, of course, the Dennis Rodman of the Rockets, if Harden would only had it dyed).  Houston could also, like Boston to Cleveland, become the biggest threat to Golden State, and, as a matter of fact, the Rockets already have something the Warriors don’t; unlike Stephen Curry, James Harden can actually grow a beard.

Los Angeles Lakers (+30000 NBA games betting odds to win 2017-18 NBA Championship)

With Lonzo Ball, the ball is on the Lakers’ court, all that remains to be seen is whether Ball takes the ball and runs with it. The Lakers have, if one thinks about it, pretty much nothing to lose, so they should just go crazy and make Lonzo’s daddy LaVar head coach. Sure, they would lose more games that they would win, but since that is going to happen regardless, they might as well put butts in seats.

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